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08-Jan-2018 07:50

I would think participation in athletics should ultimately teach you how to become a mindless corporate automaton, perpetuating America's imperialist agenda.

Nancy Lieberman – aka ‘Lady Magic’ – is only the second woman to coach in the NBA and, despite initial problems with the Sacramento Kings and star centre De Marcus Cousins, tells Tim Rich the only thing that really matters is being good enough “How long has England had a Queen? In California, where Lieberman works, coaching the men of Sacramento Kings in the NBA, it would be unthinkable.

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Commentary on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in sport from a long-time educator and advocate for social justice in sports.

I was reflecting on three lawsuits I reported on in my blog over the last year and wondering what the status of each one is. If anyone else knows more about any of these lawsuits, I’d love to know what the latest updates are. Rhonda Rompola and Southern Methodist University The Nutshell: Jennifer Colli was a player on the SMU women’s basketball team. In September, 2008 Colli filed a lawsuit against Rompola and the university claiming her scholarship was unfairly revoked after she complained to the AD that coach Rompola had an unusual interest in relationships among teammates and hypocritically condemned them since it was common knowledge that Rompola had a previous relationship with one of her women assistant coaches.

Several players on the team backed up Colli’s allegations.

I did not know all that much about the former so it was a good panel for me. Her point: that we need to prove (to men) that we are interested in sports (by buying tickets and not Prada) before we can get taken seriously.

But overall I thought that despite the prestige and experience of all the speakers, the conference organizers could have put together a more diverse group to speak about different aspects of the law or their experience with it. This comes dangerously close in my mind to the excuse that Title IX backlashers give: that women are not as interested in sports and so we shouldn't give them opportunities, especially at the expense of male athletes.

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Rompola is now married to the former coach of the SMU men’s basketball team who now coaches the team at UNC- Greensboro making for a long commute to see his wife (Makes you go hmmmmm).

The reasoning that athletics will teach women--as it has taught men--how to succeed in corporate America, and that is why Title IX should not be touched is disturbing.

I am not sure we really want to be teaching women--or anyone--that the current structure and functioning of corporate America is one we want to perpetuate.

First, she feels the need to mention her 12-year old son right at the start--and then repeatedly throughout. This is true--but are not men involved in football and shouldn't we be blaming them--and then going after them--for impeding not only women's athletics but men's "minor" sports?

I was also troubled by the neoliberal discourse that came about in the Q&A--not started by Lieberman but by an attendee--but which Lieberman quickly took up.Description: Arguably the greatest women's basketball player to step onto the court and the first woman to be head coach of a professional men's team, Nancy Lieberman has accomplished it all throughout her career.