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” In fact, she’s been asked it so much she’s now answering neighbors and fans all at once, via the refreshingly candid memoir, “Girl Walks Into a Bar . Because, you see, the “Saturday Night Live” alum known for characters such as the quintessential buzz killer Debbie Downer, and “wicked awesome” Boston teen Denise Mc Donough, has actually been quite busy. These days, the 46-year-old comedian is more likely to be waking up at a.m.to comfort her 19-month-old son, Eli, rather than rolling home from an after-after-party at Tracy Morgan’s place."I didn't think my past transgressions would follow me for so long." A rep for Chicago's City Hall, meanwhile, told Chicago Inc.that they've reached out to Dratch to pay the ticket at least five times before, but did not say what would happen if the actress didn't take care of the 20-year-old citation.Within two New York minutes, actress-comedian Rachel Dratch is stopped on the street twice: first by a former neighbor who misses seeing her around the ’hood, then by a die-hard “SNL” fan who says he “has to get a picture with her.” She greets both equally with the same wide blue eyes and bright smile.Dratch— originally from the suburbs of Boston — loves New York City and the fact that New Yorkers feel comfortable enough to come up to her and speak their minds, even if it’s to ask, “Where have you been? : Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters and a Midlife Miracle,” out Thursday.

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Amy Poehler and I worked at the same ice cream parlor, but at different times. I was voted class clown in junior high and high school. On my 43rd birthday, a psychic told me I would have one child. I am pretty good at crossword puzzles, but not at Scrabble. No one claimed her, so she stayed with our family for life.

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I lived with a family in France during college, and I still keep in touch with them. I played the cello for years as a kid, but now I play it only for comedic purposes. I have not seen many classic movies, including -- and this is sacrilege for a comedian to admit! Former "Saturday Night Live" star Rachel Dratch — who played the hilariously pessimistic Debbie Downer on the NBC sketch comedy show — unexpectedly received a .20 parking ticket that dates all the way to 1997.